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Today, dental practices face roadblocks to growth from patients, the market, and even team members. Post COVID, patients are even more Skeptical and forgetful than in years past. Many practices, despite operating at the highest standards, don’t know how to help these patients begin treatment. And it’s not for a lack of caring. Dental schools don’t teach sales.

Many team members and even treatment coordinators lack the skills necessary to fully convert patient needs into treatment. Ultimately, that means many dental practices fail their patients. And because of that, they fail to grow.

About Us

The Case Conversion Institute addresses this problem.

  • We train dentists, treatment coordinators, and front office staff on the skills they need to convert more cases more often, more easily.
  • It's not about talking a lot, “Selling” is the skill of helping people choose the best product.
  • We train on the real conversations staff have with patients day-to-day.
  • Our training focuses heavily on roleplaying the techniques rather than just telling your team what to say.
  • We help our clients impact the lives of more patients and increase profits.

Our Sales System Will Allow You To:

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Capture & Convert Leads Every Single Day

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Screen Your Prospects

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Create Urgency and Value

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Close More Cases in Less Time

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Understand Consumer Psychology

Who we do not help

Dentists expecting “overnight” results

Teams who are afraid to practice skills live

Practices that fail to complete homework or implement training

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Who we help

Dentists and practices who want to grow their revenue

Treatment coordinators who hesitate to overcome objections

Front office staff who waste leads by making mistakes on the phone

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